Detective Pikachu – Nintendo 3DS Pokemon Gameplay Walkthrough PART 1: Intro & Chapter 1 Case Solved

Welcome to PART 1 of our Detective Pikachu gameplay walkthrough on Nintendo 3DS! Danielle will be joining us for this mystery adventure game about Pokemon crimes & an amnesiac little mouse. We play as amateur sleuth Tim Goodman on the search for his father, private investigator Harry Goodman, who disappeared while investigating a case after a car accident with his partner Pikachu. Donning an adorable deerstalker cap, a love for cookies & coffee, and the new ability to talk to Tim, the great Detective Pikachu is here to help us solve the Pokemon mysteries happening all over Ryme City. In this gameplay walkthrough we will explore each chapter, solve all cases, watch all cutscenes, try out the giant Detective Pikachu amiibo, & complete the game to see the end of the main story. We’ll also be ending with our review of the game once we’ve played through all of the content. Thank you so much for watching!

Detective Pikachu PLAYLIST:

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42 thoughts on “Detective Pikachu – Nintendo 3DS Pokemon Gameplay Walkthrough PART 1: Intro & Chapter 1 Case Solved

  1. (5:37) Something about Aipom squeezing ketchup on another Aipom's tail that there's no animation for the after splat of ketchup.

  2. Ooh, awesome! You're doing this game too. I wish you could continue though, so I can play alongside you.

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