(crochet) How To Crochet Letters E, F, L – Yarn Scrap Friday

Following on from our alphabet series, today I show you how to crochet the letters E, F and L. They all have a similar structure so I thought I would share them all in one video. Hope you enjoy!

1:03 The Letter E
10:37 The Letter F
16:40 The Letter L

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44 thoughts on “(crochet) How To Crochet Letters E, F, L – Yarn Scrap Friday

  1. Thanks a lot ❤️❤️ but what if I want it 3d , can I crochet two sides and stitch them? Or it won’t work??

  2. I just wanted to say thank you for these videos, have loved the letters and so simple and easy to follow along with

  3. I have been watching your letter videos. Thanks so much so helping me and so many other people. I'm doing a project and desperately need the "&" symbol. Is there any way you could do such a video????

  4. My granddaughter is graduating high school in 2017. I made a corner to corner afghan in her school colors and was able to do her name, Malia, with the letter tutorials. It turned out great! I am so grateful for all the turtorials. Dee

  5. Hi I am making a baby blanket for my friend and wanted to put her daughter's name she 3weeks old but how do you attach the letters once you crochet it to the blanket do you just do a sc????

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