Creating The DREAM Legend of Zelda Game!

Ever had a dream of the perfect game? Well here is my dream for a Zelda game! I really had to think about this one but here is my Dream Zelda Game, enjoy!

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48 thoughts on “Creating The DREAM Legend of Zelda Game!

  1. Personally I would want it to be like breath of the wild like open world but, have it so if you entered a Devine beast you could be sent through time to a time of another Zelda game to be specific (meadow,skyward sword),(rudania,ocarina of time),(ruta,the wind waker)and,(nuboris,Twilight princess). The reson of this order is because of the shape,area,name and, ability ruta is a water ability Devine beast,meadow is a bird shaped devine beast, rudania is the mixed up name of darunia from ocorina of time and ,the Devine beast vah nuboris is in the desert just like the main part of Twilight princess the arbiter's grounds. And the dream zelda game should have you go to those times and collect 4 items after the main 3 or so dungeons but having breakable weapon and invisible weapons as well as black Smith's plus another alternate world in the caves under hyrule plus a timeshift stone rune that link can use to turn time back on certain objects and buildings and make it so it can be updated so that link can turn back time on overworld enemies and overworld bosses so they turn into younger virtions of themselves and be upgraded a second time so that you can also move time forward on serton objects,buildings and, over world bosses. Plus being able to name link,choose between right or left handed controls and, buttons or motion controls.And finally have all of link's conpains and all of his weapons including the MASTER SWORD! Oh yes a shout out to Astin John plays,zeltik and, hyrule gamer for the inspiration.Ok here's a quick bonus the return of…………….DIMIZE!!!

  2. I'd like to have a with maybe a non-manicheistic story for a change. Maybe Zoras and Gorons start a war against each other and you don't get to know who is good or bad until late in the game. So you get missions to retrieve items from one faction to the other or something that.

  3. “Was that point really necessary?”
    Yes! Absolutely! Otherwise, you wouldn’t have made that 10 minute mark!

    …jk love your content

  4. The Water Temples got a lot of hate because people got lost for hours. And people complained it got repetitive with the raising of the water in Ocarina of time, but yet people loved Wind Waker and Majora's Mask more when there's more repetitiveness going on in those games: like the Command Melody in Wind Waker and the Elegy of Emptiness in Majora's Mask, and repeating side quest. I forgot how many times I did Anju and Kafei's quest in my first play through. And that was when it came out. Those games aren't in my top five and I can't understand people's love for them.

    People didn't get mad the art style change from "Ocarina of Time," which Majora's Mask was built off from, to Wind Waker. People complained that they showed an art style demo of Link and Ganondorf dueling, but went with the Anime style. And what's funny, I never complained about that. I complained about the Command Melody and not enough dungeons. And what's with Tingle charging me almost 400 rubies to translate the Triforce chart after I broke him out of jail? That little 35 year-old punk!

    I would with Breath fo the Wild game play with Assassin's Creed Origins and/or Odyssey weapon, clothing and climbing mechanics. To me that would be a perfect game.

    Anyways, sorry for my rant. Good video. I gave a like.

  5. They should make it when you defeat ganon or ganondorf people actually know that you defeated him and possibility for link to argue with those who jokes him and possibility for link to actually have a VOICE

  6. More ideas: I think the next game they should be on a quest to stop the blood moon because they can't have enemies constantly coming back. That is what leads them to creepy Mummy man.

    But playing as Zelda would be a great way to incorporate something new. New player mechanics and such. Maybe Zelda wouldn't use the Shika slate because Link had it when he is either captured or taken over by The bad guy.

    Now Zelda has to use her powers mainly and maybe the occasional sword or bow. But mostly magic.

    Oh! Or maybe be a pair where you can switch back and forth between Link and Zelda as they fight. That would be cool too.

    A dark version of their world would be cool too, and they travel to OR get stuck in the same overall map just everything evil and dark like in that one Zelda game that I can't remember the name to unfortunately. 🙁

    Maybe Link and Zelda get stuck on opposite sides and have to change things in one world to help the other one in the alternative one.

  7. I want a game where Zelda has to save Link.

    OR a game where Link and Zelda's child or children have to rescue their parents.

  8. I’m thinking of making my own Zelda game using the upcoming Dreams engine/game on PS4, hopefully I can make something decent.

  9. Hmm, your ideas are good honestly. Now, taking your idea of a "one big boss fight throughout the dungeon" even further, think about this: in a NORMAL dungeon, you enter through an entrance that's predefined and planned so that you get that spelunking adventure. HOWEVER, what if…since these things are mostly temples and ruins, we get a dungeon where the original entrance and main structure are completely destroyed so whatever semblance of a typical dungeon is gone, and you end up stumbling into the boss fight directly.
    I'd imagine this scenario where it's something like the shadow temple or arbiter's grounds which is a prison/execution site housing some malevolent evil, and that very door you entered through was the last standing seal. Now, you get this wide open battle in a destroyed underground ruin housing a malevolent evil where you have to take on this boss using the surroundings and whatever still-functional traps and hazards to take it on, with fighting through still standing rooms that'll get broken down as the fight progresses.
    This would be an intense and exhausting fight so it should be limited to one or two dungeons. As for the items, well this is assuming we're using the BOTW style and keeping the "all key items are already with you".

    I'd also want one which is somewhat of a troll. I mean, it would be really interesting if you get your standard dungeon but at the very end, where you expect to see that boss monster…nothing! No epic boss, no reward. Nothing! Now, now…before you start hating me on it, I want it in the vein of the Link to the Past Dark World Blind the Thief fight. You have to bait him out inside of the dungeon to expose him for what he really is for you to get that fight. This can also tie-in with consequence as perhaps the whole motivation for the dungeon raid is to rescue someone, and if you made the mistake of "rescuing the imposter", the village in question gets assaulted and you get your boss fight in the open over the smouldering village.

  10. I know, I am super late to the party. >_< Still tho, within 2019!! 😀

    Open World Action Adventure (seamless)
    Combat: Mix of Breath of the Wild (flurry rush), Twilight Princess (hidden skills) & Dark Souls (general combat)
    Movement/Agility: Mix of Breath of the Wild & Middle Earth: Shadow of War
    Cooking/Crafting System like in Breath of the Wild
    The photograph thing where you can learn about anything in Breath of the Wild
    Artstyle: Mix of Skyward Sword, Twilight Princess HD and Majora's Mask 3D
    Music: Breath of the Wild, Skyward Sword, Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, Twilight Princess and the Minish Cap
    Dungeons: Ocarina of Time, Skyward Sword and Twilight Princess
    Puzzles: Breath of the Wild, Skyward Sword, Ocarina of Time
    Story intro & tutorial: Skyward Sword/The Wind Waker/Breath of the Wild/Twilight Princess
    Story: Ocarina of Time/Twilight Princess/Skyward Sword/The Minish Cap/Breath of the Wild (100 years ago)
    Lore: Breath of the Wild, Dark Souls
    Monsters: Unique variety. Monster giants like Lynels. World bosses. Stalfos-like monsters. Redeads.
    Setting: It can go any way but mainly bright.
    Deep involvement in the Hyrulean culture
    At this point, we have an intricate, large complex map of the world, and has kingdoms outside Hyrule included, which can be seen in like the Castle or in certain locations
    A Castle Town similar to Breath of the Wild's
    Massive structures with deeply detailed interiors and exteriors, like the Castle from Breath of the Wild.
    Traditional Zelda houses, like those found in the Kokiri Forest and Castle Town from Ocarina of Time and Hateno Village from Breath of the Wild.
    Bosses: Dark Souls, Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, Breath of the Wild (you could see the Divine Beasts as the bosses themselves)
    Final boss: Demise, Ganondorf, Vaati, Soul of Cinder

    It's alot, but the perfect games are always complex, complicated, deep, massive.

  11. I agree with all the stuff mentioned in the video! Love to see them return in a truly triumphant way.
    I'm totally in for a new 2D Zelda game though

  12. Breath of the Wild Sequel E3 2019!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But in all seriousness, I agree with pretty much everything you said. However, I do think that the the ability to complete dungeons in any order should be a mainstay of the series. I would also like a the return of a some equivalent to the Shrines in Breath of the Wild.

  13. BTW, to be honest, I wanted an improved TLoZ 1, kind of a BotW, but as a remade Zelda1 in 3D, yet, I'm really happy and hyped to get the sequel.

  14. 1. Thing i want is more craftable weapons. Also we know what some weapons are made out of like imagine going up death moutain to ger rubys to create a powered up flameblade. (also having a personal shield design would be cool)

  15. Breath of the wild art style and open world

    Dungeons dungeons dungeons
    double or triple weapon durability
    better sidequest (something more than bring me that or deliver this)
    Music closer to Ocarina of Time or Wind Waker.

    Polish Breath of the wild Combat system.
    Motion control always optional. It is annoying.

    New story stuff. Maybe no Hyrule, no Ganon no Zelda.

  16. Or a game based on the manga in Hyrule Historia where we can fight the pre-sealed demon king. I mean Link even dies at the end and starts the cycle of reincarnation. Yes I'm aware that the manga isn't cannon, but it's still an interesting story, especially for what leads up to it.

  17. What about a game sounding the first time Ganondorf came around. Yes OoT is the first in the timeline, however, this doesn't answer when the first Gerudo male was born and how the rule that he must become their king came to be. Like imagine one where the first time Demise takes the form of Ganondorf. Due to the fact that the Gerudo are made up of women he would be treated lowly and would have to work to earn their their respect. At least give us a reason for why he favors boars as his spirit animal

  18. Basically what you want is a BOTW style, open world remake of Ocarina of Time or Majoras Mask….. because I do!
    although I agree with you comments about the weapons. I like the idea of having a couple of permanent weapons and some customisable and upgradable weapons

  19. For the artstyle I think you want a similar look to Mario Odyssey.

    Cartoony proportions but realistic and detailed textures and lighting. Kinda like a Pixar movie. That's what I would want at least.

  20. I only want 3 things:
    -Termina, and maybe Skull Kid helping Link;
    -An open world but not as open as BOTW, since alot of people miss some stuff while playing it because the world is so huge and doesn't really give you directions;
    -And the last thing I want, is probably never going to happen, but who knows. A Dungeon creator.

  21. I would love them to add more transformation masks with unique abilities but I would make the
    Animation more pleasant for younger players 🙂

  22. I want a Zelda game where princess/queen Zelda is the actual playable character, using bows, harps and rapiers as weapons.
    Link is possessed by malice, and alongside Ganondorf, try to take over Hyrule, Zelda has to stop them and their army

  23. personally, i would prefer to have Link’s old outfit rather than the champions tunic in BOTW. the fact that Nintendo changed it from the iconic cap, tunic, and trousers to that bothered me a bit. on the other hand, i loved what Zelda worse in BOTW. i think they should take the ideas of that and TP in the next Zelda game. those two were definitely better than something like what she wore in OOT, which i absolutely hated. haha, i guess i’m picky when it comes to fashion

  24. My dream Zelda game is an impossible one ….

    An Ultimate Zelda Game.

    The Legend of Zelda : Hyrule Fantasy Explorer

    You begin the game in your bed, at the Link family house, but you had the dream about the Forces of Evil destroying the land.
    Our young Link is awoke by his sister Aryll. "ONII CHAN ! "
    Link fall from his bed, surprised.
    "Today is the great day, you have been accepted to the Knight Family ! You will become a Knight, just like dady and Uncle."
    The legendary Knight Academy, the greatest academy of Swordsmanship and the only way to become a Knight of Hyrule.
    Link Familly is a Noble Familly with the blood of the Knights, even if they chose to live a modest life at Hyrule Field. Everyone exept so much from Link, making him a little shy.
    "Huh ? Link there is no milk Left ! Can you go see our Neighbourgs and buy some from us ?"
    "Link recieved a Yellow Rupee, it worth 10 Green Rupees ! "
    "They always make a friend price for the milk since we help thep by making farmer tools, Grandpa has made a new one go see him first."
    There is a Shield on that Wall, Link's familly Heirlon, the Hero's Shield. "Don't touch that brother, it's so precious for Gradma, you know why"
    Link go upstair, and see his Mother and Grandmother discuting.
    "Oh Link, my sweet Child, you will go bring us milk ? Please, can you bring that Horse Plush to Malon ? I just finished it for her using Gradma technics."
    "Don't push you too much, Link …"
    "Link, take that, it's your Gradma's special Soup, You will need energy today"
    "Hurry big brother !"
    Outside, Grandpa Smith was Working at a Sword "Link, take that"
    "You recieved smith's Pitchfork, it looks like a mighty weapon, Smith has still the spirit of a Knight, afterall"
    Link is running in Hyrule Field to the Lonlon farm.
    But suddently, Octorocks appeated.
    Link, helpless, used the pitchfork to defend itself.
    "LINK !"
    It was Link's father, the captain of the Royal Knights.
    "That was … Amazing, I'm proud of you, my son."
    "Those Octorocks are quite aggresive recently, they usually don't attack Hylians in the field … they were even taking you in a ambush. I know they are attracted to your Grandma's special soup's smell, but never they were attacking you like that."
    "It's not just the Octorocks, something wrong is happening in Hyrule …."
    "I am waited at the castle, see you there later."
    Link arrived at Lonlon Farm, from a window, a young woman of his age interpeled him "Link !!! You are here !"
    "Uncle Ingo, can you wake up father for me ?"
    It was Malon, Link's Childhood Friend.
    "Talon Wake up you Lazy Pig ! I'll take your place, useless scum "
    It was Ingo Talon's brother in Law.
    "Calm calm, honey, my brother has not always been lazy like that" it was Kina's Talon's Sister.
    "Would you mind making less noise ?"
    It was Pumm, Malon's grandfather.
    All this happy family formed the Lonlon familly.
    But, someone was missing, malon's mother … she saddly passed away years ago … since that time, Talon become Lazy, but he was once a hardworker respected even by Ingo.
    "I'll use Anju's Cucco's"
    "Whatttt !? Already morning ?"
    "Link ! You came !""Thanks, this Pitchfork … You Grandpa make them too sharpy, last time, I accidently pocked a Lonlon Bull's butt and got in Trouble, it's been years since I run this much"
    "A yellow rupee ! Here is the milk."
    Malon maje her way to Link, smilling from happiness.
    "So, you will become a Knight apprentice from now on ?"
    "Let's make a promize, I'll give you my Horse, and, when you become a knight ….you ….. will come back tp the ranch …. and … come see me … ahah" Malon is blushing.
    "Idiot, don't let me sound stupid, you Grasshopper."
    Anyway, I'll call Epona. You know the song right ? We always played with her.
    Malon grab a grass and play the Song of Epona
    "Those Horse grass are found everywhere in Hyrule, just play it with one of those."
    Epona, the crismon Horse.
    You are now ready for joining the Knight Academy at Hyrule Castle.

    Yeah ….the dream game I love to dream about.

  25. What the perfect zelda game needs:
    -A useful and beautiful Zelda, who saves Link as many times as he saves her, and maybe even becomes queen
    -50/50 between story and sidequest
    -We need a Link companion similar to midna and a Link Rival similar to Groose
    -We need 9 dungeons in the main quest:
    One forest theme, one fire theme, one water theme, one ruin theme, one ice theme, one sand theme, one wind theme, one death theme, and finally the final dungeon. All of theme have bosses, mini bosses and arent as puzzle oriented as Divine beasts or as combat oriented as botw hyrule castle. Bosses and Dungeons have their own theme that fit their element
    -Final boss ends with a swordfight phase
    -We need an open map with many type of transportation (horse, boat, loftwings, and monsters can use the same)

  26. Personally, I think the tunic needs to make a return as the main staple of the game. Twilight Princess’s green tunic was so awesome. Zelda actually looked like a hero while saving Princess Hyrule

  27. If the next Zelda games dark, I want it to be halloweenish

    I don’t really know how to explain.

    Just what you think of Halloween being like; orange dusky skies, large pointy iron fences, the grass looking purple in the moonlight, etc.

  28. I really want to get into this game especially finally having a Switch and being invested into wanting to get into the Zelda franchise a bit more! 😁⚔

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