Crappy Birthday from North Star Games

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In Crappy Birthday, it’s okay to give bad gifts. The point of the game is to prank your friends with gifts they don’t want. To start, each player receives five gift cards. Then one player is chosen as the first gift receiver. Every other player chooses a gift from their hand that the gift receiver will NOT want and places that card face-down on the table. The gift receiver mixes up the gift cards, flips them over one at a time, and reads them out loud. Bad gifts could include “Scrapbooking for a week” or a “Chick Flick Marathon – Explore your emotions all weekend long.” The gift receiver then selects the gift he or she dislikes the most. The person who gave the chosen gift gets one point. He or she puts the card face-up in front of them to track scoring. Put the other gifts that were given into a discard pile. Then another round begins with another gift receiver. The first player to three points wins. Crappy Birthday comes with 200 gift cards and instructions. It is for four to eight players.


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