Today we’re watching Caps play Ryze and the early game actually doesn’t go very well but as a Pro he knows to play to the strength of his champion & comp. So late game Ryze here we come! Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Ryze Mid Gameplay.

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23 thoughts on “CAPS ON RYZE! PLAY FOR THE LATE GAME! | League of Legends

  1. LCK is still better than EU, just G2 and arguable Fnatic are better than most LCK teams. For the rest there's still a pretty large gap

  2. This is the first season I've watched eveyr single one of your videos from beginning to end for the entirety of the season. Pretty cool season. Lol.

    I usually stop watching half way through a season cause idk.

  3. Hey huzz I’m a ryze main for like 4 years. The W level one gives you most damage and had the slow for potential level one chases and escapes. It’s by far the best ‘solo’ ability ryze has

  4. For all those asking why not always go for a Q first, it self cc's you in its cast duration, meaning if your enemy is at max range which as Ryze is very often given is short range as a champion, if they are moving, you will not be in range after the Q to get an E W root off. A great example in this video is at 16:57 where Caps rather that Q E W Q for max damage, instead runs E W Q only. It guarantees a root and phase rush for you to get into a better position to now get another E Q or Q E Q off. Otherwise your enemy takes a Q and simply walks out of range before you can E W or even simply W. That Q is also not worth a lot as its not flux empowered so doesn't benefit from your R passive.

  5. You can always open with q on ryze. Your e resets q cd. So it's a free q to try get some extra damage on them.

  6. I would say the enemy team should be able to close out the game but they are on a timer since they get massively outscaled by ryze go. In my elo I would definitely think that caps team win just because nobody went afk yet and the game is going decently well so it's unlikely that someone goes afk and as I said the other team needs to close out the game. Which does not happen too much in my elo at least with a game this close. Would I ff the game on any side? No the way it went I don't think any Team has to surrender, since both teams have options even when caps team will be favoured later.

  7. You start w on ryze because it lets you trade the best at lvl 1. Highest damage and a slow so you can aa w aa, which procs phase rush to get out after.

  8. You know what would be fun, making Volibear go full thunder god, and have a leap that animates into a lightning drop

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