Canon EF-S 17-85mm f/4-5.6 IS USM lens review (with samples)

This slightly older lens is still widely available for a good price. How does it fare on my lens review torture grounds, temporarily located in Cambridge?

Find it here (Amazon Affiliate link):

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All shots and video taken by me, with my trusty Canon 60D.

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45 thoughts on “Canon EF-S 17-85mm f/4-5.6 IS USM lens review (with samples)

  1. Pretty good and accurate review.
    I started calling this lens my King of CA because of the massive ammount of CA at 17mm.
    I have this lens for some years now and I have to say I never really tried it at 50mm. Currently it is broken (most likely the apature cable), but when it's in good shape again I have to make some images at 50mm.

  2. With canon 60D for taking a video, for vloging and cinematic video,, would you recommend this one or sigma 17-50mm?

  3. I got this thing broken for free when I bought another camera, I opened it and changed the aperture cable that breaks on all of these lenses, so in the end I got this for around 5 bucks 🙂

  4. Hello, i have a canon 70d eos right now and i am thinking of buying a new lens and i am thinking of either this one or 18-200 f.3.5-5.6 is… What would you recommend?

  5. this is so random i was literally out infront of Canterbury Cathedral today taking pictures – and that's where you were doing your video

  6. I have three of these lenses. None of them are 'a bit wobbley' none of them suffer from bad colour fringing or vignetting. Perhaps you tested a dud one.

  7. Hello I just bought a 28-135 canon to upgrade the standard kit of 18-55 for my canon 700d unfortunately the performance of this lenses is very very disappointed. Recently i realized that this lens is ideal for an old film camera and it is an analog lens. Do you have any recommendation for any good lens in a good price?  Thanks

  8. I've been using this lens for quite a while now, and despite it's flaws, it's a good lens. I'm thinking about replacing it with a 15-85, but if I can I would rather replace it with the gorgeous 17-55!

  9. Hello Christopher i need a lens for my 80d, with standard zoom and also fast aperture and sharp image for making video. Tell me which will be a good choice for that kind of lens and also to have a good stills quality. I have 24mm stm but i want something like all in one lens for video and good picture quality. Is the 18-135 nano usm only good choise for my needs?

  10. Подскажите.Какой камерой снимали видео это и каким объективом?

  11. I did not wait, and I bought a refurb version of the 17-85 for $159, and it is excellent and the IQ is also better than I expected.

  12. Good afternoon, I wonder if what I heard is true , I heard that this lens spoils " easily " after a lot of focus and then starts giving errors , ( from what I hear is due to a plastic ring inside the lens that after much focus he wears of ) is it true ?

  13. hello to everyone im loking for a lens to my camera i found this len for about 150euro -135 pounts(used) should i buy this???I need your help …

  14. Hi Chris. I wanna ask you a question. If we want to compare Sigma 17-70 and Canon 17-85, which do you think is more useful? Especially about each macro performances.

  15. How does it compare to the 15-85 canon and based on the price difference which one would you use. I will put it on a 60D or the 70D, as I own both.

  16. How is this for a starter lens? I've been borrowing a friend's DSLR for a few years, and I'm planning on buying one in a few months, but I've been thinking of buying body only and getting a better lens than the stock kit lens that comes with it.

  17. Thanks! very helpfull! now im confused again lol, need to buy a new lens but not so expensive. Thank you, loved your video, very accurated and easy to understand 🙂

  18. Hello! I am searching for a good lenses with AF and silent motor for filming beauty and makeup videos. I have a canon 700D. I doubt between this the canon 17-85 or the sigma 18-200 or any other. as I prefer a zoom lenses so I can zoom right to my face, eye o lip to show what I am doing.
    Which one do you recommend me?
    Thanks for your videos and I hope you can answer my doubts, thanks!!

  19. i m thinking on buying this or the tamron 17-50. which one do you recommend, i have a 600d. love your vids 😉

  20. hi and thanks for the video, i found this lens for a good occasion price on ebay, it says the autofocus is defect – only manually focus photography possible, do you think would it be  anyway worth for me to get the lens? I have a Canon 70D camera with the EF S 18-55 kit lens…other lenses i have are the Canon EF 50mm 1.8, the Canon EF 85mm, and the Canon EF 35-70mm, do you think would this 17-85 add some "up" to my lens acquisitions? Thanks

  21. i got that one a while back for my xti and bought the canon eos m mount adapter so i can use it with the canon eos m. fun times.

  22. I'm currently looking into buying this lens. and watched quite a few video reviews. that were more like a joke than an actual review. I should have known to come to your page for a honest review right away rather wasting my time on the others. as per usual wonderful video and thank you for clearing up any questions at all.

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