Board Game Breakfast # 89 – Vasel's Law

Tom Vasel takes a look at the news for the week, joined by a host of friends

Show Notes:
0:20 – Intro
2:20 – Board Game News
6:03 – Kickstarter News with Board Game Brawl
8:46 – Whitleypedia
10:57 – Q & A with Tom and Jason
15:11 – Dice Tower Productions
16:16 – Head in the Clouds with Chaz Marler
19:12 – Gamers to Avoid
19:30 – Week in Review
24:56 – Board Games & Bow Ties
26:51 – Things that Tick me Off
27:40 – AFR Two Minute Drill
29:27 – Tom Thinks (Vasel’s Law)
34:10 – Board Game Apps with Suzanne
36:35 – Snakes and Lattes
38:08 – Closing Thoughts

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49 thoughts on “Board Game Breakfast # 89 – Vasel's Law

  1. Suzannes book analogy is lame – games are games – the industry needs to accept that they are competing against free game apps and adjust their buisiness model

  2. Suzanne: Do you have a list somewhere of your top 100 boardgame apps, alla Tom's top 100? (I search the app store, and only find the same 10 or so again and again…)

  3. Chaz: Punching pretty pieces puts perfect parameters for purring peoples;  people passover part-punching at their own peril. …. ….seriously, I love punching cardboard!!! One of my favorite aspects of the hobby!!!

  4. That was a very cool video, behind the scenes at CoolStuff. I really liked it. I'm trying to catch up on all the videos. So much to get caught up on!!  Video games sold next to board games. Yes. Board games are becoming a standard also in toy stores! Happiness!!

  5. @PairOfDice Paradise I completely agree. I think my most marvelous moment of punchout bliss was the anniversary edition of Galaxy Trucker.

  6. Chaz-my wife loves playing games with me. But some days for her punching out the components is even better for her-she loves it.

  7. Punching out the pieces… is. so. good. My fiancee and I both enjoy it, but she lets me do it because she is THE BEST lmao

  8. Chaz: When I buy new games I have to hide them until the wife goes somewhere. Otherwise SHE will try to help me punch the bits out. Sometimes that is the best part of the game! Sometimes I buy a 'burner' game that I reveal as the only game I bought and let her think i'm altruistic and let her punch em all out. *I'm a good husband.

  9. @PairOfDice Paradise my kids would agree with you on the joys of unboxing and punching a new game. (And thus they're less keen on my recent round of trades for used games… though I managed to pick up a few ink shrink as well.)

  10. @PairOfDice Paradise Instead of punching out pieces, my wife loves inhaling the cardboard fumes of freshly opened boxes 🙂

  11. We need to see more of Jason. Can he do his onw reviews as I have always respected his views when he has done some.

  12. I like Vasel's Law but I have one qualm with the second part mostly because of my own personal grail game. In my opinion there will be one constant exception to Vasel's law article 2 and that is games like Star Wars Queen's Gambit. There are many huge fans of this game but it was printed with a very specific IP at the height of it's popularity. Because of that I don't think a publisher will ever touch it. SWQG is not the only game that I believe this to be true for. I have never played it but I remember one of Eric's favorite games of all time is based on the Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV show. I see these exceptions only continuing to contradict Vasel's law in future with pretty much everything Gale Force 9 puts out….

  13. @PairOfDice Paradise I am with you 100% and this segment really made me laugh. I love punching and bagging and organizing my games!

  14. @Chaz When I was boarding I turned lights off, turned my table lamp on, put Dominion on the table and 5 packs of 100 Mayday Sleeves each. such Zen. much relaxation. I loved it. I think though we as people are in minority 🙂
    don't have yet a game with many pieces. and yet not an adult to have a home full of games yet!

  15. +PairOfDiceParadise  I love punching out and organizing my new games.  My 3 year old daughter enjoys helping me and puts the bits in containers when I tell her to and loves to "Play" daddy's games.

  16. @boardgames and Bowties. I'm sorry but I cannot take anyone with a bow tie, Cabbie hat, and goatee seriously. Other than that a great segment 🙂

  17. On Vasel's Law:  It always bugs me when I see a great Kickstarter game and I just think, "These guys didn't even TRY to go to a publisher and just published it themselves for the heck of it."  There are some guys who do this all the time (Red Raven, Stonemeier, Clever Mojo).  There's never enough copies of their game out there, and I know that I'll have to back it on Kickstarter to get a copy and wait for a year (at least) to get my hands on it.

  18. Vasel's law: I wonder why El Grande has not yet been reprinted. 

    App Pricing: BG apps have to cost a bit more. That totally makes sense. Splendor was still way overpriced. It is just too light to justify that price tag. The campaign mode isn't that interesting, multiplayer against the AI is too slow, and it doesn't have online or pass and play multiplayer yet. If all that was fixed than $5.99 would probably be fine but as is it is a $3 app at most.

  19. Chaz is right. The wonderful delight of punching and organizing and bagging the game is really the reason for my acquisition disorder. When I got TI:3 it was one of the greatest zen moments of my gaming life.

  20. Mission Red Planet is back in action. Thank you Vasel's Law! I have been waiting for this reprint for awhile. The 1st edition fell apart. Literally the board fell apart and the ships started flaring their edges. Thank you Fantasy Flight! 🙂

  21. Tom,
    I remember you stating that there was going to be a top ten Western themed board game video. Still looking forward to that.

  22. Tom's first law I will mostly agree with.  I just never like saying 100%.. maybe 99.9999%   As for the idea if a game is really good it will be reprinted I don't agree with this.  There are alot of great games that I loved as a kid and was not able to get them that most likely will not be reprinted.  I will and have spent money on them to get the old copies.  And this also applies to the earlier discussion about new editions there are some games that both the rules and components were far better in the old editions or even first editions then the newer ones.  And I too have spent some money on those.  This idea about move on if you can't get it and buy something else.. works for some not all.  Why would I go and buy something else if I can't get a hold of what I like?  So I think that is more of a personal taste option then any set rule.  I would still love to get a hold of an old edition of games workshops blood bowl.  Why would I replace that want with something else.  lol..

  23. Tom and Jason: I am going to waffle on this one… I agree with Tom for new gamers… or people new to a game… just get the version that is most readily available… which tends to be the latest edition. But… for the specific games that Jason mentioned… I agree with him. I have the 1976 version of Acquire… and wouldn't buy a newer one. I have both versions of History of the World. I haven't played either version in quite a while… the group I played the game with has dispersed… but if someone asked to play it… I would bring out the older AH version. And Tom is going to blacklist me… but I have the Mayfair version of Cosmic Encounter… and the cards are almost worn out… but when I read the back of the box of the FFG version… I thought… "why would they do that?" (with some of the new features)… and put the game back on the store shelf.

  24. @ CHAZ : Punching board game components is a relaxing pleasure boat cruise on a calm sea…Until one rips incorrectly…Or you find that you have one token missing…Or your copy has printing errors…Or Tom rants on that game!!!

  25. Chaz, I find punching out the cardboard components not only soothing, but a great way to evaluate what the game's symbology and mechanisms will be like before i read the rules. ohhhhh, i saw that earlier…,,,,and it sticks into my memory better.

  26. You are not alone Chaz! I love punching out the chits and things, organizing to get it easily to the table. That is part of the joy of the hobby for me.

  27. Old 3M versions of Acquire can be had for around $20 on ebay, there's tons of them.  It's not a rare game at all. I got a couple at thrift stores for about $3 each.

  28. I am definitely relaxed when punching and organizing my components.  It even might be the favorite thing to do with a game if it turns out to be unpleasant to play!

  29. @Chaz- Punching out cardboard tokens and tiles is very satisfying. I also like to stretch out the punch time fun for as long as possible..

  30. What about Colby and Summoner Wars? Was publishing that himself a vanity project? He was turned down by other publishers.

  31. About two years ago, when I started watching the Dice Tower, Mission Red Planet, Colosseum and Fury of Dracula were this grail games that I never thought I'd get to play. All of them are going to be reprinted soon. Two of them I've already played, because when you start networking in the gaming comunity, you'll find people who own those games. So to Vasel's Law I have to say: totally agree.

  32. Peabody Shermuckle, can you buy me a copy of Bolide pls?  😀 

    Tom, even if Vasel's Law isn't 100% accurate, I have personally adopted it as my "lost gem" buying guide.  If I can't find a game that's touted as oh so good but out of print, within a reasonable price and effort?  I move onto the next game on my wishlist.  There's over 100 on there, after all!  Too many great games to be wringing one's hands over holy grails.  And I will tout Vasel's Law to new gamers I convert, as well 🙂

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