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BMW 1 Series hatchback review:
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The third-generation BMW 1 Series has undergone a dramatic transformation. BMW has ditched its famous rear-wheel drive setup in favour of the front- or four-wheel drive, making it more spacious and practical. But is it still as good? Batch finds out how the new 1 Series matches up to the current Audi A3, Ford Focus and Volkswagen Golf.

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50 thoughts on “BMW 1 Series hatchback 2020 in-depth review – Carbuyer

  1. What made the 1 series great is gone,!
    A class was always FWD. And 1st gen was meh SO Merc is good.

    But BMW WTF ! :'(

    3 Series is stunning thank god.

    But am a merc fan. 🙂

  2. Had my 118i 5 days. James' review is accurate. Awesome car, exceeding all expectations. Far better than A class.

  3. I think they did well with front wheel drive since the rear wheel drive gave lots of problems. Camshaft, Propshaft, Power steering etc Im sure this Front wheel drive is a good buy

  4. I always had a hard time choosing between the 1 series and the A Class. But this re design hasn't done the 1 series any justice. Bmw have literally handed the trophy to mercedes and audi with this ugly looking thing.

  5. It might look like a Focus (is that such a bad thing?) So buy a Focus. Save yourself what, £30 a month with the way PCPs work? And every time you get in it you'll be reminded it's a Ford, the interior won''t be quite as tactile as it could be, the tech a bit worse etc. This is the way premium works, it's a 'feel' and a brand thing. Some choose Lidl (and smuggly tell everyone how good a deal they got), while others head to Waitrose (and smuggly tell people they don't go to Lidl!) You pays your money and you makes your choice!

  6. I’ve had mine since November and I think it’s one of the best cars on the market. I test drove the A class and the Ford Focus. This one is the better car. Better space plus the engine is superb.

  7. MY GOD!!!!!! i just need to vomit yeee….what is tht chinese looking ???? BMW is desapponting their cotumers and fans and i am one of them to bad for the future of this logo :/…

  8. How can BMW go from a small coupe to this which looks like a more stupider and fatter version of the 2 series Tourer and why are their grills now so huge.

  9. For 2021, Android Auto will come to BMW and they'll scrap the Apple CarPlay subscription thing for a permanent solution of no fee.

  10. Anyone ever banged a race chip in one of these. Got a black one on order on a 4 years PCP looking to bump up the power a tad!

  11. Bmw has given away their unicorn spot in the market with their rwd and 6 cyl m-lite version. They will see what cost-cutting will get them 🙁

  12. When I first saw this in pictures in the motor press I was somewhat aghast. I recently saw one in a car park, and after taking a wander around it to get a feel for the whole shooting match, was quite smitten. Okay, that shape is a bit derivative of other yawn inducing moderns, but, hmmm, this has a certain cut around its jib.Maybe the BMW badge helped. The modern BMW image doesn’t cut it with me at all, yet a look all around the thing made me think, it has something. It is compact and even rather cute, without being a softy. And the front, I’ve decided, is definitely a grower. At least on this little thing. Maybe not so much when you’ve got a “BMW driver“ in the new glitzy fronted 5 series trying to arrogantly and nonchalantly push you off the road cos you’re only doing 80! BMW 1 though. A big yes.

  13. Think car buyer need some new journalists. This guy just is not as appealing to listen to as Matt from CarWow or the guy from AutoTrader

  14. Just doesnst make sense….. Has Apple Car PLay but not Android Auto.. but the Samsung Android phone is the only brand that opens the car and turns it on? WHHHYYY?

  15. Inside it looks dark and dull 😕 Even the new 2020 VW Golfs interior looks way more better than the BMW 1 Series.

  16. Definitely looks better in the metal than in photos/videos. Still rather bland though imo. The interior feels very posh.

  17. My partner has being looking for a new car and she said to me “ I like the new Ford Focus!, the lady at the bottom of the street has one in black”. I looked the following day and it was a 1series and that moment confirmed to me that bmw had really fucked up

  18. Their design team have ballsed up a timeless classic. Every other design iteration and facelift of the 1 series before this stayed true to the cars concept and identity but this one has deviated so much from it to the point that it's totally unrecognizable as a bmw car

    Honestly, if it werent for the bmw badge I would think that this was a new Ford focus or vauxhall corsa, thats how unoriginal it looks

  19. If indiscretion is your thing, then the new BMW 1 series is perfect. It’s so bland as not to stand out in traffic or parked up. Hardly anyone is going to notice this new car, as for example a unmarked police car, it’s just great, I would imagine.

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