BMW 1 Series 2018 hatchback in-depth review | Mat Watson Reviews

Can the BMW 1 Series compete against other luxury hatchbacks like the Audi A3, Mercedes A Class, and Volvo V40? It already sets itself apart from the crowd by featuring rear-wheel-drive. However, is this worth the extra cost that comes with the coveted BMW badge, or are cheaper rivals such as the Ford Focus better value? It is however, the cheapest BMW you can buy, so what does Mat Watson think? Have BMW compromised or maintained their high standards? Mat lets you know what he thinks in our 4k review!

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44 thoughts on “BMW 1 Series 2018 hatchback in-depth review | Mat Watson Reviews

  1. Save an extra £2,000 on a BMW 1 Series with BMW‘s scrappage scheme.
    Find out how here:

  2. 日本語の字幕いれてくれぇ!

  3. I had a manual m sport 120d and the pedals are so offset (Clutch is central to the wheel!!) I had sciatica and so much pain driving it! Absolute terrible design! Had to sell it after 3 years of pain and bought an Audi s3

  4. I have the 125i msport Shadow Edition Absolutely Great to Drive being rear wheel and excellent features 👍

  5. Just had one of these for a few days as a courtesy car from BMW dealer while mine was in for a service. It is an awesome car, super responsive and fun to drive, was so surprised by how much I loved it, mine is a 430d, wouldn't trade it for that, but I would certainly recommend this to anyone thinking of buying. I loved it for the few days I had it.

  6. Worth financing for 299 a month for a 21 year old? Not sure what 12.4 APR means but isit a good deal ? 36 months contract

  7. hey was this available in north america? and if so, from what year? I can't seem to find any hatchback BMW's on autotrader.

  8. Damn it guys, I wanna buy one of this 135/140i 6-cylinder beast for a while now, but it can not install tow hitch, cuz not enough space regarding to bmw dealership (Yes for my MTB's!) What should I do??

  9. Matts you could have taken a real 2017 bmw for a review of a « 2018 « 1 Serie… the one with the new dashboard and large touch screen shame…!

  10. Let's have a moment's silence for this brilliant little Bimmer now that the ugly, slow, fail wheel drive new one has released

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