Arcade Game: Pong (1972 Atari) [Re-Uploaded]

This is the Original Pong (a ball and paddle game) Arcade Game from 1972. Nolan Bushnell was successful with this one, which started the video game industry revolution. This game is not in mame (used to be in mame but removed due to very inaccurate emulation of this game). But it’s emulated on this new emulator called DICE(Discrete Integrated Circuit Emulator), which is still at early stages of development. You can learn more about the work in progress of this emulator here:

You can download emulator from here:

Emulator: Dice 0.2
Recorder: Fraps.
Encoder: AviSynth+MeGui

Info: Re-Uploaded for not only better video quality but also for the correct original aspect ratio.


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45 thoughts on “Arcade Game: Pong (1972 Atari) [Re-Uploaded]

  1. Pong is already in mame. you dont need a rom or dice! just search for "pongf" .its on the working list. If you use a frontend you have to add this name "pongf" to your romlist and all your artwork stuff is linked to it. Also you need a EMPTY pongf .zip dummy file in your rom folder. like this .Dont try the "pong" rom without the "f" its not working but the other is. SAM

  2. The first major arcade game. Too bad the real cabinet cannot be played alone. Anyway, looking back, it is still decently fun.

  3. There's a glitch on the game. The Atari console system comes with a gun. If u plug the gun in the console, you can shot the pong ball. And the players would have to restart the whole game.
    I have two older sisters. And they would always play games with each other leaving me out as a kid. I got revenge. 🤘😋

  4. I am a tech reporter at News 12 Long Island working on a story on a Table Top Pong game for the home today. I was wondering if I could use a quick (3 second) clip of the original pong game play from this video with credit to your site showing how far we've come. Would that be ok?

  5. Oooooh, … sei proprio una pippa …possibile che non riesci a fà più di due rimbalzi di seguito ?

  6. ping = kill me. pong = i give you life. over and over and over again….untill goddamn fucking eternity and beyond.

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