An Endgame Guide to TERA – 2019

Ladies and Gentlemen welcome, I’m Josh ‘Strife’ Hayes and this is a complete endgame guide to the action mmorpg ‘TERA’.

This guide will introduce the endgame to you and explain all the changes and mechanics you’ll have to start facing once you’re past level 60.

This guide is specifically designed for players who are approaching endgame and don’t know what to expect.




00:00 – Introduction
00:28 – Version specifics
01:54 – Part 1 , 60 to 65
06:32 – Part 2, Level 65!
08:15 – Free flying mount
09:00 – Endgame Weapon + Armour (Guardian)
10:30 – Endgame Accessories + Crystals
11:45 – Optional Endgame Extras
12:57 – Enchanting and Upgrading your items
16:36 – Item Experience (XP)
20:10 – Dungeons
22:13 – Endgame Questlines
23:20 – Island of Dawn (Glyph hunting)
24:20 – Guardian Missions
26:29 – Enhancement Points (EP)
27:40 – The Ghiliglade
29:03 – Apex Skills
30:38 – After 65
31:49 – Odds and Ends (useful tips)
32:56 – Outro and Thanks


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25 thoughts on “An Endgame Guide to TERA – 2019

  1. Good video. Let me add a bit to it 🙂

    1. Glyphs, they're essential and greatly affect playstyle. Learn/replace them whenever you get new one from glyph token shop or glyph box. Game won't let you do "downgrade" them. You need them all. Use glyph presets to quickly switch them between PVE/PVP/Solo setups.
    2. Choose your jewelry set correctly (power, crit or mixed), it will greatly affect your damage dealt.
    3. Choose your weapon and armor crystals correctly, they greatly affect your damage dealt (unless you're a healer). Complete crystalbind (about 70g or less on broker) unlike regular Crystalbind will keep them safe for 12 hours of playtime.
    4. Find a guild. There are many casual guilds that are very friendly to beginners, they will answer your questions and help you progress thru the game. Use "Guilds on Servers" menu or global chat to find one.
    5. Stop relying on spacebar popups to chain skills and do them manually by pressing according skill key, learn skill rotations (priorities or order) optimal for your class. This will refine your keybindings and mechanical memory. Consult your class discord about them. You can also track your progress with meter.

    6. If you're about to go to an unknown dungeon for the first time (435 item lvl or above) you should either do a small research for guide or ask party members to explain key mechanics, this will greatly increase your contribution to dungeon clearing. (If you're a damage dealer class you have to be always behind the boss, just sayin')
    7. Always use combat consumables in dungeons (Prime Battle Solution, Bravery Potion) they're essential and cheap if you buy them from broker.

    Consult your class discord for any questions you get.

    There is an alternative monster farming spot in Spring Valley slightly to north-east of Amadjuak Trading Post. You can level some classes 60-65 in about a hour and a half (after you get Initiative gear set from lv60 story quest).

    As a fresh 65 you may encounter issues with gold. You can earn it via:
    1. Guardian legion mission reward boxes
    2. Gathering and selling materials on broker (ore, ingots, essences, silex)
    3. Running dungeons and completing Vanguard requests will give some extra gold
    4. Fishing (can get 2-3k extra gold per day)

    5. Battlegrounds (one win per day for the vanguard completion, ~2k gold + bonus)

  2. Help I got my Apex skills an hour after reaching lvl 65 they are weaker than my normal skills and I don't even have guardian gear what the fuck is happening what am I supposed to do please help!

  3. Awesome guide. Can you please make a video about the cons and pros of every class ? And the play style required to have fun playing each one ? this will help new players choose the right class from the start.

  4. First of all thank you for this pro guide,I appreciate it.This crap +0 – +9 is p2w on Metin2 game,aswell game created by Gameforge.I fails a lot +7 – +9 and on end game items you will need to use shop and spend real money.This is why I hate Gameforge
    Edit: free to play , nah there is always some trick in any free to play game

  5. can someone pls help
    ive done all story quests but ive never gotten the option to receive weapons and armor

  6. Can we talk about how God Tier Josh's videos are? This man belongs in the business of narrating anything.

  7. I played yesterday 8 hours straight. Reached 35lvl. And seen probably 4 players at the territories and about 50 at main city. Is this game dying?

  8. best guides. i watch really confused about everything in tera online i been playing 2 weeks now. ^^

  9. WOW the video i was looking for a was away for a long time and i reached lv 65 with dungeons yes its possible to do it only to let you know not to bragg about it heheh


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