All Transfurs / Transfurmations / Deaths / Game Overs (In English) | Changed

All Transfurs / Transfurmations / Deaths / Game Overs (In English) | Changed – Changed is a difficult, action puzzle game with a lot of chase. The protagonist of the game awakens in a strange room in an unfamiliar laboratory building. You are trapped in an experiment room, trying to find ways to make you stay “yourself”, persevere, and survive!

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28 thoughts on “All Transfurs / Transfurmations / Deaths / Game Overs (In English) | Changed

  1. Been at work most of the day, got back, edited this together and I hope I can get back to recording ACTUAL VIDEOS – Just give me some time, been feeling a bit sick and tired lately. To those new to my channel, welcome! Did you know we have a Discord Channel? Come check it out here: I also have a Patreon if you'd like to support me! All payments are specifically for Youtube and Youtube-related expenses only:

  2. It's like seeing if all those things were real and something happy like that happened to me I was like that I suspect this was probably going to happen the trapped in here in stuff be like and I'm going to be stuck like this it's not like it's a problem or something because it is absorbed into my skin then come back out when I wanted to or did you just weird stuff

  3. Elisa game over screens with a death screens directly not death screens or game over screens you get turned into a furry don't really look that bad yeah you're not dead so yeah actually dying those words like no get that away from me and then other places like you pranking but then once it touches you is like that wasn't that bad

  4. Me:wants to play this
    Game:is only on PC

    Me: commit house flood

    No, seriously, I want to play it that bad but I only have this android phone ;-;

  5. They all want you and they get you. you just give up and let them be there host

    and puro wants you too

    What the furry

  6. You have to make the new ones when the full on remaster/dlc will come out and by the way for all the guys who played this game remember to press F12 when you get absorbed with flex seal liquid

  7. Ooh! Ooh! Let me try!


    I expect 100 likes by tomorrow

  8. People: "thinks that the game is just normal furry game and nothing se*ual about it"
    Me: excuse me what the fug is that 18:36

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