AGDQ 2019 Drinking Game (DAY #0)

Awesome Games Done Quick 2019 (Day ZERO Update)

Me and ALTinsider are excited to bring you daily uploads during the whole AGDQ week to keep you in the loop with what’s going on, what runs to watch, some funny moments, what’s good, what’s bad.

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What is Comment Any%?
You can either read the text below or watch an explanation by the legend himself, Summoning Salt
Comment Any% is a mini speedrun which takes place most times I post a video to YouTube.
The rules: The first person to write something in the comment section of that new video wins 100 points.
The 2nd person to write a comment wins 99 points, 3rd place = 98 points, etc etc until 100th = 1 point.

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22 thoughts on “AGDQ 2019 Drinking Game (DAY #0)

  1. Third time watching AGDQ, first time viewer. My viewer passed away from animal. Money goes to save the Germany, kill the frames. Hype!!!!

  2. I think this will be the first GDQ I won’t be watching live. Not because of business but loss of interest. However when most of the VODs get uploaded here I’ll be sure to try that drinking game. Hope all of those who are at GDQ have an excellent run and have fun! ^__^

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