5 Awesome CUT Content/Unused Ideas from Zelda Games!

5 of my favourite ideas that were cut from Zelda games, or cool concepts that never made it into the games at all!

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44 thoughts on “5 Awesome CUT Content/Unused Ideas from Zelda Games!

  1. Sorry if I sounded off, bit sick rn

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  2. Those guardian concepts remind me of the original illustrations from "Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark". It would've been insane to see my childhood nightmares in BotW! O.o

  3. Wolf link was originally meant to be in MM
    However they scrapped it (until TP) as they didn’t know how to integrate him in or something

  4. Wow I actually really want a non-evil version of Ganandorf who just hangs around fishing and talks with Link, maybe even giving him a side quest for something.

  5. those botw designs look amazing I wish they'd actually added them. Maybe it's just me but wow, I feel cheated that they were scrapped lol

  6. Does anyone else think that the tiny race of people in botw looks like the bug net kid from skyward sword

  7. That blue dungeon from the Ocarina of Time demo was just a remake of a Zelda 1 dungeon. One could easily compare it in order to see the similarities. At the end of each dungeon in Zelda 1, you get a piece of the triforce. That's what we see in the footage. It was never planned to be part of Zelda 64, I think. It was just a demo they made in order to test and try mechanics.
    However, somewhat like the idea of a Zelda 1 dungeon being remade and part of a 3D Zelda in some kind of form. It would probably make for a horrible dungeon but would also be an awesome reference ^^

  8. I love this channel for Zelda discussion. Huge Zelda fan and people can either go way left field with my favorite game or they can be right in the logical lore of Hyrule like Zeltik keeps it.

  9. I think a cool thing that they could have done with the minish is give them link’s divine beast and he would have to shrink down in order to get in and tame it

  10. With the majoras mask one where ganon is in a fishing hole, it is most likey because they reused assets from ocarina of time and they were going to remodel them into different Characters

  11. I know it won't happen, but theoretically botw2 could canonically be the last Zelda game if they wanted to. Like I said it won't be, but it could be

  12. With a sequel to BOTW coming out at some point, those alternate guardian designs might actually be put to use. While they do look badass, I'd be terrified if they actually get put into the sequel.

  13. I think you’re misreading that last one. I think it was intended to be more of a reveal than an obtainable treasure

  14. In the english Version the Picori say only the Word "Picori" Like Pokémon does.
    But in the German Version they actually Talk Backwards.
    So if you're very well in German language you can actually understand, what they say.

  15. Am I the only one that thinks that BOTW sheika technology doesnt feel a lot like zelda? Dont get me wrong, the game is amazing, probably my fav game at the moment, but I think zelda is more about monsters and creatures rather than robots…

  16. I LOVE THE MINISH CAP SO MUCH it’s tied for my fav 2d Zelda game with Oracle games, that’s so cool they were planned to appear in BOTW! I really hope they make an appearance somehow or we get a remake of Minish Cap😩

  17. Those "guardians" are extremely horrific and unnerving… What the heck were those concept artists on?? Very interesting designs, but not really suitable for LOZ.

  18. Imagine…
    You get on the boat ride with (Kokai???) and you get off at the fishing hole.
    Kokai: Hi son!
    Ganondorf: Love you mom!

  19. it got me wonder… after link/zelda or even ganondord manage to attain the triforce, can they ask for this never ending cycle of reincarnation to you know… end? like can demise's curse be broken by attaining the triforce?

  20. That would have been AMAZING to see ganondorf casually working a fishing spot. Just imaging him being super bored, like “wow you caught a fish, good for you”

  21. And I thought Wind Waker couldn’t get any better!! I had no idea they were planning that!! Why did they get rid of it???!! BRING IT BACK NINTENDO!!!!! AND WE WERE SUPPOSED TO HAVE A WIND WAKER 2 LIKE THAT?!?!?! I mean I love Twilight Princess, but why can’t we have both?

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