3 Games that tried to COPY HALO and Failed…

Halo is a cornerstone of gaming, and with that, many games such as Call of Duty, and Nova just to name a few have stolen aspects of the beloved franchise.
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46 thoughts on “3 Games that tried to COPY HALO and Failed…

  1. Whom with Halo fan? Whom shall follow Martin O'Donnell? Martin O'Donnell are still Helping Forgotten Master Chief and his comrade family.. Precursors already knowing me very well indeed And Precursors already knowing you all as many Halo Fan.. Cortana AI did said, i Know you.. Your childhood memories, Your mysterious future..

  2. N.O.V.A games were the best Halo like games for mobile devices
    NOVA 3 was so good but they had to replace it with legacy
    Nova legacy is not bad but the graphics and online is just crap the only thing i liked about it is campaign

  3. I've played nova which is alright, never heard of that first game and I've got infinite warfare, played once. Hated it. But now that you've pointed out how it looks so much like halo. I'm glad I didnt play too much cus I would have probably broke the game disk

  4. The helmet of the super soldier dude was straight out of Gears of War off of Carmine’s dead body

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  6. First is even copied from starcraft. Just look at the diing aliens! Like zealots and dark templars! 😂

    Also Gameloft is doing great games. Maybe they're stealing, but making it in a good way! 😀 But Modern Combat 5 is the best game for me from Gameloft.

    Third is a shit, and yes, every developer is stealing from other sources. Like M4cough1, Scar-XXL, Cars, Buggies, Bugs, People, etc…

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    ඇත්ත වශයෙන්ම ඔබට සෑම විටම මීටරයටි සමාජ ශාලාවට සම්බන්ධ වීමට හෝ ඔබ එය හැඳින්වූ ඕනෑම දෙයක් බෝට්ටුවේ ලිහිල්කමට හසු විය හැකිය

  8. But nova 3 freedom edition was my favourite mobile game thoooo ;-;

  9. 7:02 dont ruin nova 3 with photos from nova legacy. also that red thing is the covenant of nova aka xenos

  10. Saying any of these games rip off Halo is like saying any rock band trying to be "different" is just trying to rip off Led Zeppelin. Many of these things are homages to Halo and other games.
    I mean, come on. The current Battle Rifle is based off a futuristic FAMAS.

  11. I agree with certain parts of Infinite warfare.

    But it still is slightly different in story and mostly is just aesthetics

  12. COD copying Jorge from Halo Reach is a major kick in the nads same with COD copying the Halo Reach picture

  13. You campared the NOVA legacy guns instead of NOVA 3. Don’t ever compare those 2 games, because NOVA 3 was flipping amazing

  14. I feel this is nitpicking, and some legitimately… and I honestly don’t see how white uniforms are a halo copy, and How Venus is a halo map

  15. I'm surprised you didn't mention Goldeneye Rogue Agent completely duplicating the Halo 2 dual wield mechanics.

  16. Yk Modern Combat by Gameloft was honestly pretty dope. I remember playing 3-5. Before five became free to play and it started playing with limited "energy"

  17. Hah! Gameloft copied halo, even making the 4th game suck. Nova legacy is trash and full of microtransactions

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