2016 Suzuki GSX-S 1000 | First Ride (4k)

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First Ride of Suzuki’s GSX-S 1000.

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35 thoughts on “2016 Suzuki GSX-S 1000 | First Ride (4k)

  1. I wish you would redo this review with the 2018-2019 f model that has a small fairing That's the bike that I have and the thing is absolutely amazing it's my favorite bike I've had so far out of eight different motorcycles all the way from CBR1000 to triumph Thunderbird Storm and an FJ 09 mixed in there. if you want to set a meetup Kennesaw Marietta area I live in Conyers now but I'm from Marietta just PM me and I'll be more than happy to let you ride the bike for a rereview

  2. I know this is an old video but I used to have a GSX-S750 and the shifting sucked….until I figured out what the deal was. The engine is cold natured and just putting around like your showing the engine doesn’t really get warmed up if that makes any sense. After say an interstate run at higher rpm it seemed to shift a lot better. Plus it seemed to run kinda sucky when the engine was cooler lol.

  3. every first ride should include 1 top speed run 2 rear wheel horsepower 3 rear wheel torque 4 one good wheelie.

  4. So many people who ride bikes like this are scared of them. turn the traction control off and stand in it in all gears.

  5. Woah! You gotta cut down on your coffee. How do you know it doesn't handle?, haven't hardly warmed up the tires or leaned it over in corners, still has the yellow stripe down the tires lol.

  6. Out if the fz-09, fz-07 ,GSX-S 1000, and z1000 which has the best torque but is still good for hooligan?

  7. FYI traction control can be changed while riding but u have to release the throttle. Amazing bike all around. I love it

  8. So which do you think is a better "all around" bike, the GSX-S1000 or the FZ8? You sure seemed to like the 8 in past videos (not the FZ9, the FZ8)

  9. Ive riden an FZ09 and a GSXS1000… and riden them hard! You don't know anything…. the GSXS1000 is faster and more torque than the fz09…. and way more flickable… the handling is perfect… you didn't even lean the bike how can you say the steering is not good??? the gearbox is really good also… starting to think you don't even know how to ride a bike the right way…

  10. Holy crap the ridiculous loud music to show off bike, I would rather hear Chase humming a bad pop song. Anything other than that garbage 🗑

  11. I bought this bike. Thank you for your review. You said it was #2 and that inspired me to make my purchase. I loved the way this bike sits. Nice seating etc. This bike has plenty of power. I have maxed it out more times than I wish to say and that 10k rpm power is stronnggg. To anyone looking to buy this bike I would definitely recommend it. Bought mine in march and I have about 4500 miles on it so far. I got it in Gray with no ABS. Do yourself a favor and get the ABS. Other than that, its a dream to ride. I do highway commutes with it and the wind isnt as bad as some other bikes. Windscreen REALLY pulls away from the looks. Other than that, I love it. To anyone else, be safe and I would recommend this bike all day.

  12. Chaseontwowheels do you think you could try out the newer version of thr gsx-s750? I know you didnt like the original, but i hear the new one is alot better. Great brakes, etc.

  13. I demo rode one of these back in March, I preferred it to the GSX-R, especially around town which is where you’re gonna spend pretty much all your time, and at 110mph it was planted and stable, I loved it.

  14. Is it possible that you went into the U-turn a little hot (and since speed increases turning radius), that is why you think turning radius is larger on this bike?

  15. I own the 2016 GSX-S1000F version.  You lost me with the "good for around town bike" comment….  It's a liter bike!!!  One of the best and underrated standard sport bikes on the market.

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