10 INCREDIBLY STRONG Champs Who NEVER LOSE Early Game – League of Legends Season 10

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We cover 10 champions who NEVER LOSE early game

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28 thoughts on “10 INCREDIBLY STRONG Champs Who NEVER LOSE Early Game – League of Legends Season 10

  1. Proguides: Pantheon is one of the best early game top lane champions! He deservs the no. 2 spot, right under aatrox!
    Renekton,Darius,and fiora: Am i a joke to you?

  2. 2:50 ''Have you ever encountered a good Olaf? I envy you.'' They forgot to proof read his script, and he didn't catch it, lol. Ron Burgundy will read anything on the teleprompter. '' That's it for us on channel 4 news. Go fuck your self San Diego''.

  3. TOP: Darius, Pantheon
    JUNGLE: Graves, Olaf
    MID: Talon, Yasuo
    ADC: Miss Fortune, Draven
    SUPPORT: Blitzcrank, Nautilus

  4. would change aatrox. aatrox is strongest in the mid tbh. kled or fiora are worse to fight in top early or even the dreaded tham.
    for jungle im surprised not to see xin.

  5. I have to disagree with aurelion, he might be a strong laner and a strong ganker but he gets outperformed very easily by clamps like twisted fate and (almost every assassin to ever exist) he's just way to hard to play well to make it worth the effort…

  6. shows aatrox vs a master yi even tho master yi is dog shit early game not to mention showed some iron yi and aatrox gameplay

  7. Hates that Cassiopeia is on this list. Q does no damage even if you land it. Damage over time is so annoying.

  8. I love blindpicking Cho’Gath. Depending on match up you can go AP or tank and more often than not at least one of those styles works out pretty well. Just ban Fiora unless you’re really confident

  9. Nami and Cait bot is such a cancer lane. I ban nami all the time lol especially since senna got nerfed

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