《Making Film》Kim Bum, reversal attraction of villain!|절대 악역 김범의 반전 매력! @Mrs. Cop2

“A New York ajumma cop’s coming!”

2016 SBS Saturday-Sunday 22:00 Drama ‘Mrs. Cop2’ maintains the drama format of ‘Mrs. Cop’ and tries to leap forward with attractive characters.
Kim Hee Ae(Choi Young-Jin) takes time off from work and Kim Sung Ryoung(Ko Yoon Jung) becomes new team leader of homicide squad.
A cool-headed and attractive ajumma cop, Kim Sung Ryoung returned to South Korea after training with the F.B.I. in New York.
Including Kim Sung Ryoung, starring of ‘Mrs. Cop2’ are Kim Min Jong(Park Jong Ho), Kim Beom(Lee Ro Joon), Im Seul Ong(Oh Seung Il), and Son Dam Bi(Shin Yeo Ok).

‘Mrs. Cop2’ is scheduled to premiere on March 3 2016 and it airs every Sat-Sun 22:00pm.

외모부터 두뇌, 재력까지!
모든 걸 다 가진 절대 악역 ‘이로준’

수려한 외모, 댄디한 헤어, 근사한 슈트핏!
촬영장은 이미 로준에게 시선 강탈!

“여기 망치나 망치라거나 망치같은 거 있어요?”

절대 악역답게 소품부터 남다른 이로준!
덕분에 백 이사님은 최대 수난을 겪게 되는데요.

#도대체 #언제까지 #망치질을 #하게할거야

살벌했던 본방송 모습과는 다르게 반전 매력을 뽐낸
이로준의 현장 모습을 지금 바로 만나보시죠!

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15 thoughts on “《Making Film》Kim Bum, reversal attraction of villain!|절대 악역 김범의 반전 매력! @Mrs. Cop2

  1. he is crazy , murder , killer , criminal , but i was on lojoona's side for a whole serials and wanted that he win at last only because i can't hate kim bum character instead of he is criminal or not 😀 HE IS SO SO SO HANDSOME !!!!

  2. I'm supposed to hate him because he's a villain in the drama, right? But I can't help but fall for him over again.

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